Together Alone


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Design Artist
C.W. Mundy


Design Concept

Though we might share the same physical environment, we are seldom together. 
It is here that we breathe the same air with objects and expand our space as we sculpt them.
This three-dimensional border begotten by their unquestionable tangibility becomes home to
perspectives yearning for infinity.


  • Notepad with the same Hoodie design

  • Bookmark with the same Hoodie design


Product Properties


Made of 100% good quality combed cotton. The pattern of the Hoodie is comfy and roomy.
The collar is roomy.
The highlight of the Original fabric is that it doesn't shrink as long as the washing instructions are heeded.
The coloring materials used for production are certified and safe, posing no risk for human health.

We use a special printing technique called screen printing on all our breathable fabrics without presenting any sense of plasticity.



Size Available
( M - L - XL - 2XL )


Color Available




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